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The most beautiful wedding bouquet!

Colourful, fragrantand interesting design of floral bouquets and other floral decorations give us positive energy, joy and touch our fillings.

Since long past man uses flowers to express his fillings: love, respect, good wishes. It is used for decoration of events or only for every day living.

In hands of our masters flowers smell even stronger, colours gets more intensive. Wonderful colour and flower combinations stand out. Take a look of our unique flower products to be sure we know to create many things with flowers. We would be glad to serve you with very special, fresh or playful.

And also deliver bouquets or just a flower.

Give us a call!

Kalika d.o.o.
Glavni trg 12
4000 KRANJ
t. +386 59 021 397
m. +386 41 61 61 92
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